Download and install Gpg4win (Windows Users)

Windows Instructions for downloading and installing Gpg4Win

1) Open a browser and google ‘gpg4win’ or type in the address directly, or click this link:

2) The big green button on the top left is what you want to click, the one that says ‘Download Gpg4win’.

3) Go ahead and download the good one, Gpg4win 2.2.4. The 30 megabyte full version, 99 meg installed. Trust me, the convenience is worth it!
  a) Save the file. Depending on the speed of your link it might take a few minutes.
  b) after it downloads, run the file.

4) It’ll ask you what language you want. I’ve only tried English. If you try something else, let me know how it works out. But let me know in English though.
  a) click next.
  b) click next.
  c) click next. (Note, you need 98.5 megabytes of free disk space)
  d) click next, the default location is fine.
  e) If you want a shortcut icon on your desktop, check the appropriate box. Either way, click next.
  f) click install. A green progress bar will progress, and eventually the dialog will announce that installation is complete.
  g) click next.
  h) uncheck the ‘show me the readme file’. Unless you want to look at the readme file, that’s up to you.
  i) click finish.

5) Voila! Gpg4Win is installed.


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