SO! How to get some keys made.

1. You ought to now be able to start ‘Kleopatra’.

  a. If it’s not on your desktop, go to start (usually in the bottom left corner of your windows screen)
  b. all programs
  c. Gpg4win
  d. Kleopatra

If it’s on your desktop, you can just click that shortcut.

2. Click ‘file’, ‘new certificate’.

3. Select ‘Create a personal OpenPGP Pair’.
  a. Enter the name you want to use. Example: Sarah Penelope
  b. Enter some fake email address like
  c. Enter some short meaningless comment about the weather or kittens or something.
  d. Click next.

4. Enter a passphrase. This is a password. You have to remember what you type here. It’s only
for you to be able to access your key / certificate. I use the same passphrase for all my local
keys and certificates.

5. With any luck, Gpg4Win will announce ‘Key Pair Successfully Created’. It will give you a bunch of
next step options that I haven’t tried, you can ignore them if you like. Click ‘Finish’.


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