WinAutomation, not too bad…

In my spare minutes here and there I’ve been playing with WinAutomation for automatic moderation of blogs.

Thus far I’ve been able to cobble together a job that logs in and checks pending comments. It is (usually) able to determine for each pending comment:
1. If the user is new (by checking a text file containing known usernames and emails for the known usernames)
2. If the user submitted the message via ‘certified’ credentials (wordpress, facebook, gmail or twitter login)
3. If the user’s email address matches the email address in the known user / email file.

What does ‘(usually)’ mean? Well, it doesn’t make mistakes in processing the data, but every once in a while it hangs up. Web page elements aren’t found, or the page doesn’t load properly, or similar stuff.  It’d need a good spitpolish before going into real use.

Things that remain to be seen:

1. Can I successfully get WinAutomation to take action; trash comments with email address mismatches from known users?
2. Automatically add the username and email addresses of commenters who use ‘certified’ credentials to the existing authorized user file it keeps?
3. Can I get it to reject TOR browser exit points?

We shall see. 🙂 Eventually I’ll make public the WinAutomation jobs I’m writing, when they’re cleaned up enough.


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